Oranges and More at Franscisco’s Fruit Stand in Fillmore

It’s citrus season, and Francisco’s Fruit Stand along SR 126 is worth the 25-30 minute drive from Santa Clarita to pick up oranges, especially in bulk. The Navel oranges are currently 89 cents a pound, with boxes of bulk oranges even available for less. Our favorite varietals — the Cara Cara oranges — were also available for 89 cents a pound. Unfortunately, the pink juicy oranges short season has just ended.

Compare those prices to the grocery store, where a Navel (no matter the size) runs about 75 cents each or higher. At local farmers markets, we’ve seen the citrus run for $1 to $3 per pound. Yes, gas prices are high, but Francisco’s is a great drive toward Ventura, Ojai and the ocean — so make a day of it.

Once at Francisco’s, it’s hard not to buy anything else, so this weekend we also ended up coming home with plantains, cucumbers and this rare fruit called the “Milk chocolate dipped peanut butter pretzel.” (The stand has a great selection of prepacked nuts, candied, dried fruits, trail mix and chocolate dipped snacks, honey and olives, too.)

Francisco’s Fruit Stand
768 East Telegraph Road, Fillmore
(805) 524-4616