Quarantine Treat #888: Bake Up’s Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies are really hard to get right. Many times, there’s just not enough peanut butter. Or there are too many bits of nuts in lieu of peanut butter. (We didn’t ask for peanut cookies, thank you very much.)

But we recently found a nearly perfect peanut butter cookie at the Newhall Farmers Market. Bake Up pastries sells an assortment of sweets, including cookies, coffee cakes, homemade poptarts, loaves and bars.

The peanut butter cookies, however, are heavenly. The flavor balance is ideal: There’s enough peanut butter to savor without overwhelming the palate. If we had one nitpick, it’s that the decorative sanding sugar on top, while pretty, isn’t necessary. The cookies are $10 for a six-pack.

The six-pack from Bake Up | SCVFoodie.com

A few folks in the Santa Clarita Valley might already know of — or tasted —Bake Up, as Kimberly Gonzalez’s Acton-based home kitchen makes goods for several local coffee shops, including Bodhi Leaf (the blueberry cornmeal and cinnamon coffee cakes are hers, as are the assorted poptarts).

The Newhall Market is open from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Bake Up posts its weekly menu on Facebook on Tuesdays. Message them by Thursday evening to reserve baked goods.

Bake Up
Newhall Farmers Market (Saturdays)
Old Town Newhall Library parking lot
24500 Main St., Newhall

Breadbar Comes to COC Farmers Market to Tempt Tastebuds

Carb heaven at the Sunday farmers market at College of the Canyons.

At last Sunday’s farmers market at College of the Canyons, we were pleasantly surprised—nay, ecstatic—to find a new stand: Breadbar. There really isn’t a bakery in Santa Clarita that specializes in viennoiseries (French/European pastries), so we decided to turn off our calorie counting apps and add another cheat day to the schedule to give readers our first impressions on the new addition. (You’re welcome.)

The company’s fresh artisanal breads, pastries and other menu items—a longtime staple at other SoCal markets—drew a crowd even before the guy working the stand had a chance to put up the banner. We selected a few classic items: chocolate and plain croissants and an apple turnover, as well as the raspberry kouign amann.

The croissants were our favs. They were fresh—we could hear that crunch at first bite, revealing the flaky-layered goodness. They were light and delicate to the touch, and the chocolate had just the right sweetness ratio.

Clockwise from left: Breadbar’s chocolate croissant, plain croissant, apple turnover and kouign amann.

The kouign amann was a little disappointing. It was denser and heavier than expected, and we didn’t need the raspberry filling. The OG butter and sugar flavors work for us just fine. SCVFoodie can’t report on the apple turnover because someone ate it before we could try a bite. (Rude, right?)

The pastries and breads cost more than the baked goods found elsewhere in the SCV. Our four items cost $16, but they were totally worth it.

If Breadbar becomes a regular market vendor on Sundays, it could be a game- (and waistline) changer for Awesometown.