Cheap Eats: Taco Tuesday at the Alamo

These are the Alamo’s nachos with chicken….what’s up with the carrots? | Photo:

Despite its full name—The Alamo Rotisserie—most SCV residents just refer to the restaurant in Granary Square as “The Alamo.” The eatery has been serving up economical, no-frills Mexican food since the ’80s, and judging from the crowd on a recent summer night, it’ll hopefully be around awhile longer.

While the cramped inside of the restaurant looks like it hasn’t been remodeled since the ’80s, most customers choose to sit on the patio anyway to enjoy cheap pitchers of beer or margaritas. (They do have a full liquor license, but other than shots, a Jack and Coke or Rum and Coke, the mixed drink choices are limited. (We once asked for a 7&7 after spotting Seagram’s 7 on the shelf, but were met with confusion.) So stick to the beers on tap or margaritas.

Now, the food: It’s not the best Mexican food ever—but it’s cheap. On [Taco] Tuesdays, the soft street tacos are $1 each. The two chicken tacos we ordered recently were filled with good-sized chunks of chicken, as seen below.

On Taco Tuesdays, these are $1 each. | Photo:

If you haven’t checked out The Alamo in awhile, go back. Have a beer on the patio, people watch and try to make it on a Tuesday if you can.

The Alamo Rotisserie
25946 McBean Pkwy., Valencia

(661) 254-3131

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