Making Progress at The Daily Harvest

The Daily Harvest is coming to the yellow Victorian buildings in Newhall.
The Daily Harvest is coming to the yellow Victorian buildings in Newhall.

In the late spring, we saw a new sign—The Daily Harvest—pop up among the yellow Victorian buildings along Lyons Avenue. And got really excited. According to what we could find online, the new “cafe & juicery” would offer: Organic Cold Pressed Juice, Seasonal Fresh Food, Breakfast, Salads and Sandwiches.

So we waited. And waited.

The construction seemed to stop and start in fits and spurts. But now they’re back at it in earnest and one of the guys walking into the construction site said they’ll be open “soon” (within the next month). Fingers crossed.

Follow the cafe on Instagram (@TheDailyHarvest) to track its progress.

The Daily Harvest Cafe & Juicery
22722 Lyons Ave. #6
Newhall, CA 91321 

**If the cafe’s a success, then parking will be an issue. The [tiny] spaces at the lot for the Egg Plantation, Honu Coffee and various shops, dance and yoga studios will be at a bigger premium than they are now. But we’ll take parking headaches if that means more food options in the SCV.


One thought on “Making Progress at The Daily Harvest

  1. Zack

    I came in on the second day they were open. I was the only customer at 6:30pm, other than two friends of the owner who were eating and speaking with him. I was surprised by the price point being higher than expected for the juice ($8 each) and the fact that juices are not fresh juiced when ordered but bottled (presumably in the morning). I was impressed by the gluten-free and vegan options (my wife is both), so I decided to try a starter to see the quality of their food. I order the sweet potato wedges with the chipotle cashew dip. I found out they had no dip and only the garlic aioli, so I got that instead. The theme of the restaurant is confusing. The tables are more like a coffee shop and there was loud R&B style music playing in the background. The sweet potato wedges came in a good time but I was severely disappointed. They were lukewarm-cold, soggy, and greasy. There was no seasoning at all on the fries (not even salt). They were displayed in a nice ceramic bowl with straight sides but the aioli came in a to-go dish with a lid (marked with a 10/26 date, which is two days before they even opened). I used the garlic aioli which was runny and had very little flavor outside of a strong garlic taste which overpowered the under-seasoned sweet potatoes. After a few “wedges” which were cut more in size like large steak fries, I couldn’t really bare eating it anymore. As I packed up to leave the owner/chef finally came over to interact with me for the first time. He asked how the food was and I told him I was disappointed. I explained that the potatoes were cold, soggy, and that I had used up the whole napkin due to the oil. Without apologizing for my experience, he started to explain to me how the wedges are baked and not deep fried (which I guess is supposed to explain the cold, soggy, and greasy consistency???). I replied by saying that using no oil, on parchment, at 400 degrees yields hot, crispy wedges (something my wife and I do at home regularly). His only response was, “Well, this is the way we do things here.” I told him I did not know if my wife and I would be back to try anything else even though we really appreciate the concept. I wished him luck and grabbed my stuff to leave. He never made any apology for the fact that the food was cold. Nor did he make any attempt to make a better impression. Other items on the menu look good, mostly standard fair for this kind of restaurant concept. Although, I doubt much of it will be executed well since the owner/chef does not seem to care about the quality of the food. It is frustrating for people who are seeking to produce and introduce healthy food to a community make excuses for poor quality and cannot be humble enough to apologize for cold food. I guess hungry families will keep going to jack in the box down the street… at least it’s hot.
    • • •

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