Whisky Pairing Dinner at Rascal

Whisky dinner with Rob Gard at Rascal on La Brea.
First course of a whisky dinner with Rob Gard at Rascal on La Brea.

On Tuesday night, SCVFoodie was fortunate enough to score a seat to Rascal’s first whisky pairing dinner. (Full disclosure, we had an “in”—Rob Gard, the whisky expert and spirits writer guiding diners through the courses is a personal friend.) But he and Rascal’s chef Andy Lee put together a great four-course meal with uncommon whiskies and surprising taste combinations.

We’ll list the pairings by course:

First course: A Linkwood 15 with sheep milk cheese, house-made duck prosciutto, basque chorizo toast, roasted peeled almonds—and a date. We added just a few drops of water to the Linkwood, and it completely mellowed the finish. The difference was amazing.

Second course: A Benromach 10 with shrimp and grits (spiced shrimp with corn polenta grits, chimichurri). A hint of curry on the shrimp was a great touch by Lee and worked well with the peatier Benromach.

Third course: Glenturret 11 with whisky braised pork belly, sautéed picked farmer’s market vegetables and a whisky glaze. To be honest, SCVFoodie isn’t the biggest fan of pork belly dishes (usually way too fatty for our liking), but Lee’s was amazing. It reminded us of lechón—full of flavor and tender. Lee used the Glenturret in the glaze, adding a sharp sweetness to the dish.

Fourth course: A Brenne (French whisky) with a whisky custard bread pudding and creme anglaise. We love love love bread pudding, and pastry chef Danielle Keene’s was top-notch. It was more firm than mushy, which is the way we like it. The Brenne popped with vanilla and caramel flavors, complementing the dessert perfectly.

This week’s special whisky dinner is just the first for Rascal, so follow them on Facebook or Twitter for news about the next one. And just follow Rob Gard because, he knows his whisky. And he’s awesome. (No, he didn’t pay us to say that).

801 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles


One thought on “Whisky Pairing Dinner at Rascal

  1. The Whisky Woman

    Wow, sounds like an amazing night! Jealous not to have been there! Thanks so much for the Brenne-love, I’ll need to try it in a bread pudding recipe!

    “Whisky Guy” Rob Gard is awesome – great writer, great blogger, and a great friend. Thanks to Rob too!


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