Food Truck Saturdays in the SCV

Finally, more food options in the SCV.
Finally, more food options in the SCV.

Awesometown got a little more awesome with Food Truck Saturdays. Started earlier this year, the weekly event features a gathering of L.A. county’s best known food trucks making the trek up the 5 freeway to the SCV.

SCVFoodie finally had a chance to drop by catch the action in-person on Sept. 6 in the parking lot of Dick’s Sporting Goods (off of Carl Boyer Drive near Mountasia). The trucks in the lot were:

  • The Fat Pita
  • La Panini Grill
  • No Tacos, Please
  • Homeboy Food Truck
  • Be Waffle
  • Burnt to a Crisp BBQ
  • CVT Soft Serve Ice Cream
  • Charbroiler-on-Fire

While it was a little early for us for a dinner—the trucks are onsite from about 5 to 9 pm—we had a sweet treat from CVT Soft Serve. The truck serves up dishes or cones of vanilla, chocolate or a combo twist of soft-serve ice cream. That’s it. The ice cream is simple and delicious, and we didn’t even need to add the chocolate sprinkles because the ice cream was that tasty on its own.

We’ll definitely be back to the lot and next time will bring bigger appetites. To see what trucks are scheduled, follow Food Truck Saturdays on Twitter (@FoodTruckSat) or on Facebook.

Food Truck Saturdays
Saturday Nights from 5-9 pm
26573 Carl Boyer Drive (Dick’s Sporting Goods lot)
Santa Clarita, California


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