Lunch Deal-o-Rama: Toppers Pizza

You can't top a Quick Lunch deal at Toppers.
You can’t top a Quick Lunch deal at Toppers.

We had already heard good things about the Ventura County-based Toppers Pizza even before it took over and completely redesigned the old King Chef Buffet restaurant space on Valencia Boulevard.

The 20-year-old pizza company is perfect for families and large parties with its large pie sizes and generous salad bar offerings. (What’s even better is that most of the salads are one-trip only, limiting the gross-out factor for those skeevy about communal eating.)

It’s still crazy busy during weekends, but here’s a little pro-tip: Go during lunch for great meal deals. For $6.15, they offer a Quick Lunch—a lunch pizza with two toppings and a small salad bar. If you’re not into salad or not that hungry, just order the Lunch Size pizza (with two toppings) for $4.05.

The thick-crust pizza comes out tasty, quick and piping hot. When you have an hour or less for lunch, it’ll do the trick every time.

Toppers Pizza
23710 Valencia Blvd, Valencia


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