Quest for the go-to Burrito Heads to Taco Llama

The menu board at Taco Llama in Newhall
The menu board at Taco Llama in Newhall

SCVFoodie is constantly on the lookout for cheap eats that won’t stress the wallet but won’t insult the taste buds, either. Believe us, that the goal is much much easier said than done. But we had hope on Friday afternoon when we wandered into Taco LLama on Main Street in Downtown Newhall (across the street from the Way Station).

The no-frills eatery was busy with locals ordering off the restaurant’s big board, which boded well for authentic Mexican food. We’re on a quest to find our go-to chicken burrito in the SCV (and El Pollo Loco and Chipotle don’t count), so when we spotted the #41: burrito mojado (a wet burrito), we just had to dive in and order. It may not have been the most adventurous choice on the menu—we skipped the tongue and stomach entrees—but we can’t help that the simple chicken burrito called out to us.

The wet burrito weighed a ton.
The wet burrito weighed a ton.

What was delivered 10 minutes later, was a “burrito” that weighed about the same as a newborn. The baby came with cheese, beans, chicken, more cheese, cheese, chilies, a layer of nacho chips and a roja sauce drowning the burrito. There wasn’t enough chicken for our taste, and definitely too much cheese. The chicken that we did taste was bland. The sauce was overwhelming in volume and underwhelming in flavor—we expected just a little bit of heat. Maybe we expected too much.

Taco Llama is a great place for cheap food for ginormous portions (that burrito only set us back $5.75), but we’ll keep on searching for our go-to burrito in the SCV.

Taco Llama
24374 Main St., Newhall


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