Rustic Eatery: Fish Tail with Meat

Spicy, sweet chicken rice bowl at Rustic Eatery.
Spicy, sweet chicken rice bowl at Rustic Eatery.

We’re huge fans of Fish Tail Market and Grill with their selection of grilled fish and seafood served in rice bowls, salads or sandwiches.

The owners decided to capitalize on the success by opening a second restaurant late in 2012 that specializes in carnivorous delights. Located in a shopping plaza at the corner of Tourney Road and Magic Mountain Parkway, Rustic Eatery’s concept is basically the same as Fish Tail: Choose your meat, choose your sauce and decide whether you want it served in a salad, over rice or between buns.

During our weekday lunch hour recently, SCVFoodie tried a rice bowl with fresh oven-roasted veggies, and a chicken breast with a sweet and spicy red chile marinade.

The chicken was moist and the flavor had a decent kick to it that wasn’t overwhelming. Asking the chicken marinade served over the rice was the right call. However, the veggies could have used a little more seasoning. They were a little bland, but at least they weren’t overcooked.

Others in our party enjoyed the pork belly rice bowls, but agreed that the veggies were not up to par.

The restaurant seems to be working out a few kinks because when we went, they were having trouble with the Square credit card platform and iPad order systems; they ran out of chopsticks and the service was a little frenetic.

SCVFoodie will definitely try Rustic Canyon again, but as we’re big big Fish Tail fans, we were just expecting to be blown away on our first visit, and disappointed when we weren’t.

Rustic Eatery
25343 Wayne Mills Place, Valencia



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