Marston’s, Take 2

Keeping it simple at Marston's.
Keeping it simple at Marston’s.

SCVFoodie scouted Marston‘s—the popular Pasadena restaurant—when it opened in Valencia in 2011. And short story short: We weren’t impressed. The breakfast rolls were dripping in oil, and there were a few service hiccups. To be fair, because the restaurant just opened, the Santa Clarita crowd came out in droves, so we went back recently to see if/how things had changed.

The restaurant was decidedly less crazed, so we were seated easily. Our waitress was attentive and didn’t leave us hanging at any point in the meal, which was a big improvement from last time.

Now when we selected our breakfast entrees, we stayed away from the omelets and chose different types of pancakes: one short stack of blueberry and the macadamia nut full order. They were both good choices, but the macadamia nut came out ahead. The cakes were moist and filling, and two are enough. (We would have liked a few more blueberries in our pancakes though.)

Since protein is a good idea at breakfast, we ordered two sides of Canadian bacon and one side of scrambled eggs. We should have only ordered one side of the bacon since it came with five slices. The leftover slices—aka one order—were worth taking home, and the eggs were cooked just right. (it’s weird how eggs come out too dry or too runny at many restaurants.)

So all in all Marston’s redeemed itself. Sometimes, it does take two to make a thing go right

24011 Newhall Ranch Road
, Valencia


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