Eat this Chocolate Chip Muffin from Baker’s Gourmet Coffee & Pastries

Baker's Gourmet Coffee & Pastries
Baker’s Gourmet Coffee & Pastries

***Update: Unfortunately, Bakers has bitten the dust and closed as of July 2014.***

It’s a little far out of the way, but in North Valencia on Copper Hill Drive, is a newish bakery cafe that’s not a chain. Baker’s Gourmet Coffee & Pastries makes most everything on site daily beginning at 4 am.

They have an assortment of muffins, scones, turnovers, cakes and pies (which changes daily), plus they do both breakfast and lunch sandwiches served on a baguette or butter croissants, which are also baked onsite.

This morning, SCVFoodie tried a cappuccino and a chocolate chip muffin and both were pretty darn tasty. The muffin was light and airy with a generous helping of chocolate chips throughout, and the cappuccino was, in fact, a cappuccino, not a latte—which many establishments still can’t discern between the two.

We had a second cup of coffee (this time a drip), and noticed that they serve Jones Coffee, a local Pasadena roaster.

Pro tip: Get there as early as you can on weekends. We heard there were people waiting for fresh baked goods before they even opened at 7 am.

Baker’s Gourmet Coffee & Pastries
23880 Copper Hill Drive, Santa Clarita


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