SCVFoodie Road Trip: Eating Our Way Across Spain

Razor clams
The grilled razor clams were tasty at Can Majo in the Barcelonetta neighborhood of Barcelona. | Christine N. Ziemba

Earlier this month, SCVFoodie took a little road trip—to Spain. We made our way to Barcelona (the northeast part of the country, close to France), followed by the capital of Madrid (smack dab in the middle of the country), with a little day trip to Cordoba in Southern Spain.

Thanks to SCVFoodie’s mom, we ate very well. Highlights of the trip in Barcelona include the cafe con leche at Bracafe, the seafood paella by the sea at Can Majo; the warm donut at Pintxo’s in la Boqueria. In Cordoba, we found a great Moroccan chicken tagine.

In Madrid, the meal at Estado Puro was phenomenal, including the stew of garbanzos and mussels and the dessert, which was like a love child between a creme Catalana and tiramisu; the ensaymadas in little panaderías everywhere; and our last meal of grilled seafood outside the Museo Reina Sofía.

And have we mentioned the coffee? Cafes con leche, cappuccinos and cortados…

Here’s a record of the trip, in pictures.


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