What’s on the Tilted Kilt’s Menu?

What's on the menu at the Tilted Kilt?

We were excited when we saw that a new pub—the Tilted Kilt—was opening in the Valencia Town Center. A Scottish pub would be a little different than the usual bar fare. Not that we were expecting haggis to be served anytime soon in Awesometown, but salmon and single-malts? Sure, bring it on!

Walking by last weekend, we stopped into the restaurant for a menu (above). The atmosphere wasn’t exactly what we expected—think Hooters meets Braveheart. The kilts were definitely tilted. And even though kilts are traditionally worn by men and boys of the Scottish Highlands, who cares when the girls can bring ’em in, right?

And it doesn’t matter than Ireland and Scotland are two different countries because the menu is a mix of faux Scots-Irish-American pub fare including Irish stew, shepherd’s pie and Scottish cheesesteak and chicken wings.

We haven’t tried the fare yet. We will though—if we hear the burgers are as good as Hooters.

Tilted Kilt
24300 Town Center Drive #110


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