Dario’s Mexican Restaurant: You Either Love it or Hate It

Chicken burrito
The rice, beans and burrito all had the same flavor of bland.

Dario’s Mexican Restaurant on Lyons Avenue has been around a long time, and it has a reputation for being a place that you either love or hate.

Unfortunately, SCVFoodie falls into the latter category.

We really really wanted to like this place because it’s dark, has comfy red booths and is a throwback to another era. The drinks are cheap and the entertainment is excellent, but unfortunately, the food isn’t great. And that’s kind of a problem if you’re hungry.

It wasn’t our first visit to Dario’s. We tried the restaurant a dozen years back and weren’t impressed with the food. Fast-forward more than a decade and something had to change, right? Wrong.

The food—particularly the chicken burrito (pictured above)—was bland, which is a shame because in the right hands, the mixture of traditional Mexican spices and seasonings, onions and cilantro can dance upon the tongue.

Dario’s has its ardent followers, and we don’t want to rain on their parade too much. Our favorite part of the night was the live entertainment provided by an older keyboardist/singer doing the pop tunes. He was actually decent and we’d even consider returning to the lounge for cocktails and chips just to hear him sing.

He was quite opposite of these folks:

(Sorry we couldn’t resist posting this.)


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