Quick Bite: Eat This Cake Goodness Cupcake, Now!

Cupcake Goodness
Cupcake Goodness | Photo: Christine N. Ziemba

Do yourself a favor and stop by Cake Goodness on Lyons Avenue (in the same Western-themed storefront as Manee House). The $3 cupcakes are some of the best we’ve tasted—and though we might get hate mail for saying this—they’re even better than what we got during a recent cupcake run to Magnolia Bakery on Third Street in LA.

Our favorite is the chocolate cupcake with marshmallow filling, pictured above. The rich, moist chocolate pairs well with the sweet filling. It kind of reminds us of a Tastycake treat we grew up on, only a zillion times tastier.

The cupcake before eating:

Cake Goodness
Chocolate cupcake from Cake Goodness | Christine N. Ziemba

Cake Goodness
23121 Lyons Ave., Newhall


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