Marston’s Still Working out the Kinks

Oil with potatoes
The grease dish has too many potatoes. | Photo: Christine N. Ziemba

Marston’s—a popular eatery in Pasadena for nearly 25 years—opened another location in Valencia’s Bridgeport Marketplace in May. The hubby and I waited for the restaurant (any restaurant, really) to get its sea legs before diving in, so we thought a few months would do the trick.

From the outset, there was a little problem: We couldn’t find the restaurant. I knew it was in the Bridgeport Marketplace, but I thought it was located along the same row as Kabuki, California Pizza Kitchen, etc. It took a few drive-bys to realize that it was located in the stand alone buildings on the north side of the parking lot.

It was fairly busy for a Sunday morning, always a good sign for a breakfast place. We opted to sit inside though the patio looked totally chill. The server was friendly, though a little spacy. It took a while to get our drinks (a coffee and Diet Coke). But fine, they were busy.

The husband ordered the San Pasqual omelet (bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado) with a side of fries instead of special potatoes. I ordered an egg-white Californian Omelet (chicken cilantro sausage, spinach, tomatoes, cheddar and sour cream). The omelets come with a side of toast, but it wasn’t until the food arrived that we realized that our server forgot to ask what kind of toast we wanted.

To sum up our first Marston’s experience:

  • The food took forever to come, and when it did, his fries were cold.
  • Are their special potatoes “special” because they’re drowning in oil?
  • We couldn’t find our waitress to order a side of toast for my eggs, so we stopped another server to ask for toast. She insisted that we try the “special” garlic cheese balls. Okay, we were game. When the basket arrived, the rolls were cold and oily. They seemed better suited as dinner rolls with a salad.
  • For the food served, the price points seemed really off. My Californian Omelet (with egg whites) was $14.50. The San Pascual was $11.50.

Marston’s recently opened for happy hour and dinner. We’ll give it a little time for the staff and restaurant to get their bearings before we head back.

24011 Newhall Ranch Road (see map)
Valencia, CA 91355


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